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Country Chic Farm Party

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

If you are throwing a farm party and need some inspiration, you have come to the right place! Naia, my little chicken-loving farm girl asked for a farm party for her 6th birthday this year and I had so much fun watching my vision for this party come to life. A farm party is gender neutral and could easily be transformed into a baby shower! I am very excited to share the details with you.

These custom plates from Design My Party Studio were absolutely perfect. The subtle watercolor design was the perfect touch without going over the top with characters. You can find them here: The great thing about these plates is that you can change the fonts to best suit your party and your design vision! You can find the cow straws here: I found the cups at a local store but I linked similar cups here:

These adorable white cow bells are available here I love a layered plate look for parties. I couldn't decide between the amazing Design My Party Studio custom plates and the adorable Meri Meri plates so I did a mix of both. Here is the link for the pig plates and the pink striped plate I used I got from I love her store, it is always my go to for party plates and accessories!

I used plastic animal figures from the craft store and made mini party hats out of glitter paper and fabric and random trims I had in my craft bin. They came out super cute and they were so fun to create.

I picked up these galvanized letters on sale at the craft store and they added a great touch to tie in all the other little galvanized trinkets I collected. A great money saving tip for parties is to always shop holiday and seasonal clearance. I choose my party themes a year in advance so I have multiple opportunities to collect sale items. I got these little galvanized milk jars in last years' spring clearance as well as the windmills.

I found the mini hay bales at the craft store, they are so adorable! Buyer beware they are VERY messy.

For food and drinks we served barbeque pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and coleslaw. We had chocolate and strawberry milk, strawberry lemonade and sweet tea.

I enlisted the help of my girlfriends to cut down all of the Pampas Grass you see in the vases. Another money saving tip, use what's free! I'm in Northeast Ohio and pampas grass grows wild practically everywhere. Mix a few good snips of pampas and some baby's breath and eucalyptus and you'll have the perfect country chic arrangements. I purchased the baby's breath and eucalyptus at Trader Joes. Take advantage of your local grocery stores, they always have great inexpensive floral selections.

I loved the little touch of lavender tied with twine to the wooden forks. I purchased the wooden forks here:

I made the barn backdrop with foam board and black cardstock. I found a very large foam board at the craft store (it barely fit in my SUV). I attached a premade burlap banner that I jazzed up with some white cotton rope. It was very easy to hot glue it in the shape of letters.

These printable party hats from Design My Party Studio were SO cute. My niece loves to make poms and this was the perfect addition to these printable hats. You can purchase the hats here:

One of my favorite money saving party tips is the cake. Utilize your local grocery store. You can purchase a plain mini cake for under $10! You can accessorize it by adding trinkets, candles, sprinkles, ganache, the options are endless. Not only is this a money saver, but this is also a time saver. You can't even buy the ingredients to make a cake for that price, let alone the time spent baking and frosting. Another great tip, for the candle I purchased a plain number six in a color that wasn't appealing to me. I just used glue and glitter to make it fit my theme.

Instead of going with traditional cupcakes, I decided to make an edible cookie dough bar. The kids (and adults) loved it. It is also safe to eat because there are no eggs and the flour is heat treated.

I purchased the centerpiece animals to match the plates and hats from Design My Party Studio here:

I found these frosted sparkling wines at Trader Joes to serve for the adults.

The little barn birdhouses were a party favor for the kids to paint.

These little popcorn corn on the cobs were so fun and very inexpensive to make. All you need is a snack sized zip bag, popcorn and green tissue paper!

The pièce de résistance was (and always is) these beautiful cookies by Royally Iced Sweets. She has amazing cookie designs. You can see more of her designs on Instagram and you can order her cookies here:

Thank you for checking out my party. Please feel to reach out via email for any questions at If you like seeing party details you can subscribe to my blog and give us a follow on Instagram here: You can also use the chat function on the website for a quicker response!

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