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20 Random Gift Ideas for 2020!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Happy Monday!

It is hard to believe that there are only 4 more Mondays until Christmas (yikes). As I was going through my Christmas list and checking everyone off, I decided to put together a gift guide that is a mix of 20 random items for all ages. Whoever you need a gift idea for, hopefully this list has you covered! It's always good to have some inspiration in case anyone is struggling with ideas this Christmas.

1. First up, Metallic Wine Markers! You can use these wine markers to write on your glass so your guests know which glass is theirs. I can see these being fun anytime but also very useful during COVID season. This would make a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

2. This fun digital microscope will be on our list this year. I know my daughter will love putting anything and everything under this! They have come a long way since I was a little girl!

3. This is a cool night light/lamp. You can add a family photo, a loved one who may have passed, a pet, lots of possibilities for this one! It is USB rechargeable and is touch control.

4. This is a really cute Magna-tile house set. This one comes with steps, windows, doors and fun sticker sheets to decorate with! Magna-tiles are a fan favorite at our house and keep my daughter entertained for hours.

5. We have these lighters all over the house. They are flameless rechargeable lighters. They are so neat and would make a great inexpensive stocking stuffer!

6. I have tried several of the smaller portable charging banks although this one is a little pricier it is a clear winner. It has the cords built in but also an external port. I like that you can plug it into the wall and charge your phone with it or use it as a portable charger. This is perfect for traveling!

7. My daughter loves building forts and we have a few of the sets where you build the frame and drape blankets over it. Those are super cute however, it's just another big thing to have to stash somewhere. My sister sent me this one that just folds up into a small bag and all you need is a box fan to inflate it!

8. This was given to me as a gift from Armand a couple years ago and it's a great gift to keep your everyday makeup looking cute and organized. I prefer this version over others because I like the deep drawers for my larger foundation bottles.

9. We have the dash mini waffle iron in a light pink but I was almost convinced to buy another because this leopard print is ADORABLE. It comes in a bunch of prints. We use ours for cinnamon rolls, hash browns and basically anything we can "waffle".

10. This is another great women's stocking stuffer. It comes in a few variations but its a great price and dupe for some of the expensive brands and it's perfect for layering!

11. THE. BEST. MEN'S. GIFT. EVER. This will save your relationship. I originally bought this for Armand as a funny gag gift and this thing is no joke! It makes a GREAT gift for any guy in your life.

12. This book would make a great gift for anyone who loves to travel! It would also make a great retirement gift. If you or someone you know is world traveler, there is also a world edition!

13. This is an adorable little dip bowl set that would make another great host/hostess gift. I love having these little bowl sets around to throw a dip in if we get unexpected company. The fact that this comes packaged up ready for gift giving is just an added bonus ;)

14. Much like the wine markers, these little butterflies are a cute way to make sure no one is drinking out of your glass. I have seen a lot of the charms that go on the stem but these are little suction cups that stick to your glass.

15. This is a great men's gift idea if your significant other or dad likes to have extra gadgets. You can never be too prepared for when disaster may strike, or can you? This 12 in one survival kit will keep you ready to cut, saw, start a fire even keep warm with an emergency blanket.

16. This gift is a little more pricey, but I can guarantee your recipient will LOVE it! I got this massage gun for Armand for Christmas last year and it really is a great gift for anyone. Compared to the some of the other brands this version is actually a steal.

17. This is another fan favorite at our house. This is great for at home pain management and added bonus it's a great size for traveling.

18. This is a cute flip calendar filled with positive affirmations to keep your recipient inspired. This would be great for a desk at work or you could also keep this one at home!

19. This would make a fun family gift. A unique twist on traditional darts these are safe for indoors (as safe as throwing foam suction cup axes can be) and could also make a fun outdoor game. This set comes with two "axes" and a double sided target.

20. Last but not least, this is a fun gift option! It's a scratch off poster of 100 things to do after quarantine. I'm sure we all have a big long list of things we want to do. In case you forget what life is like not in quarantine this gift will help give you a jump start!

If you like the scratch off poster idea here are a couple more options!

100 kids movies >

100 adult movies >

100 date ideas > I love this one, I think its my favorite!

Well, I hope you liked some of these gift ideas. Maybe they can help you check off a few people on your list. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, happy shopping :)

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